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Earthschool Academy

"I do not know whether it is possible to love the planet or not, but I do know that it is possible to love the places we can see, touch, smell, and experience."
~David Orr, Earth in Mind

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Homeschool & Online Students'

I am getting really excited about this new adventure. We plan to meet on Friday from 9-noon at the pH Community House, and then from 1-3pm at Oxley's Nature Center every second and fourth Friday. On the first and third Fridays, I will have an optional math and reading class from 1-3pm.

will have a class for 2-5 year-olds from 9-10am. Part of this time will be interacting with older children in some capacity either by play, activities, or working on projects together.  This class will focus on developing their senses, connecting them to nature, and learning letters, sounds, numbers, counting, shapes, and colors. 

I will have a class for 1-8 graders from 9:30-noon. This will be an interactive history, geography, and literature class. It will look a lot like a unit study. Our first several classes will be on Pre-History/ Stone Age Period. I am basing my lessons off a book by Claudette Marie Gilbert, From Mounds to Mammoths. This is the story of early Oklahomans. I will use several Native American children's stories, and we will complete many projects - the largest, a paper mache' cave with neolithic art. I hope to include several field trips.  

The cost will be a suggested donation of $5 a week for 2-5 yr olds and $20 a week for older kids, to off-set the cost of opperation. I am doing this for my son, not to make money. If you cannot afford the cost, please contact me, and we will work it out. There is no reason your child should not come because of money.

Younger children's parents must stay, and older children's parents are allowed to stay. If your child is attending on scholarship or reduced rate, I will ask you to bring supplies to help out with projects or volunteer as a helper. Most field trips will be local, but there is a museum in Arkansas that I would love to take hte kids to, it is free of charge, but we might need to carpool or rent a van. 

We Are An Earthschool

We are an Earthschool

Our school is about reconnecting with our world and with other human beings. It is about building community and learning to live sustainably. You cannot learn about our world without practicing academic skills. In fact, all subjects come from the study of our natural world, so it is the most natural place to learn and practice.
Our school prides itself on being a school without limits. Learning experiences naturally include every learning intelligence, and allows students to progress at their own pace. At this point, we do not offer a full program, so your child must be homeschooled or attend an online program. 

Earthschool Vs. Forest School

Even though Earthschool models itself after forest school ideology, it does not exactly follow its methods. Most forest schools have a tendency to follow after the unschooling methods such as Regio and Charlotte Mason. I believe that these methods have value and are amazing, but they are a little too idealistic for me, especially when it comes to older kids. I am a naturalist, and my tendency is to come to the middle - balance. These schools also tend to work with children younger than five. 

I believe in education and developing the intellect, but I also believe that it must take place in an environment of flexibility, acceptance, and low stress or pressure. Learning comes from natural curiosity, however, humans tend to take the path of least resistance. I strongly believe in the guidance of well-educated teachers, who allow children to make discoveries but also challenge them to embrace structure and systematic study that leads to mastery  of the subjects they study. 

We do not just spend time in nature, we believe in the importance of academic learning. Knowledge is power, and we believe that earth-centered education provides the meaning children need in order to engage in the learning process. High-stakes testing and standards are not methods for provideing equal learning opportunities for all children. The government could do that just by ensuring that all schools recieve the same amount of state and federal funding. Ironically, they never have. It is our job to educate our children.

This year, our nature program will be 1pm to 3pm, every second and fourth Friday
 September- November & February-April
Oxley's Nature Center
All ages welcome, but parents must stay.

Children 3rd grade and over can stay without parents, if parents signs a waiver, pays $5.00, and returns by 2:50 at the latest. I have children I must pick up from school.
Oxley's URL

Oxley's Nature Center

Oxley's Nature Center has been my home away from home since I was a child. I loved to disappear in the woods and pretend I was living long ago, before cities and technology. I now take my children to the woods, and my grown children still have fond memories of it. Located in Mohawk Park, by the zoo, north of the airport.

pH Community House

The other services or classes offered by Oklahoma Academy of Outdoor Learning are held at the pH Community House in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Located just west of downtown.

 "Our mission is to create a sacred space for gatherings, concerts, classes, and events that inspire personal, family and community enrichment."

Other Services We Offer

Earthschool Council:
This group meets every month to talk about the services being offered, events, and volunteer ideas. It is a participatory group that is open to anyone. We honor the various gifts and abilities of every individual, who desires to make a difference in our community and in our world. We meet at pH Community House, just west of Downtown. Second Sunday of every month 6:30-7:30pm.

Educational Classes

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the very first time (T.S. Eliot)." 
Friday Class
9am - 2-5 years old
9:30am-noon - ist Grade - 8th Grade

First and third Friday of every month
Math and Reading class - 1pm-3pm

All classes held at pH Community House

Adult/Daycare Teacher Education:
We will come to your home or center and assist you in creating an effective program that will focus on the whole child based on your skills and abilities and in line with your teaching style and methods

Project Centered Classes that Come to You:
I can come to you to teach your students about urban ag or nature. Contact me about cost and pricing.  I can fit my lessons around what you are teaching or desiring to be taught.
Community Events & Outreach:
Outdoor education is not something that most people are familiar with. Reaching out to the community by setting up events, fairs, festivals, and activities will allow us to showcase how fun and engaging outdoor education can be for everyone. The goal is to promote sustainable living, build community, and get people to reconnect with nature and each other at a personal level.

Connections are not solely nature based, we feel that any way a community can grow is a great way to connect and work together.